Our Shifter Light Panels with Red LED Lights are used for anticipating shifter gear signals in Custom Hot Rods & Street Machines  etc.

These attractive dash panels can be fitted anywhere in the console next to the auto shifter or dash face

Top or side mounted panel   P-R-N-D-3-2-1  (Four Speed)

This kit comes with Brushed Alloy panel, pilot lights & wiring, will need to be connected to factory shifter switches.
Logo: PRND321
Number of Wires:  10
Wire Length: 15cm
Lamp Voltage: DC 12V
Lamp Colour: Red
Thickness: 3mm
Width: 25mm

Part No:: BWASHPL06
Surface mounting applications:
Plate is held on by first drilling the 14mm holes for the LED through the dash and running wire from LED's into the dash. When the plate is placed against the console or dash it will be held in place by the pilot lights.
Easy and convenient to install and use. 
Easy to install with panel mounting hole in 14mm thread diameter.