Our waterproof multipin firewall connector allows you to connect & disconnect your entire harness in seconds.
This advance wire management system allows you to consolidate and protect all your wiring into one attractive, durable loom.
Our technology auto aligns the connectors each time you twist on and off the connector to eliminates shorts and delivery a solid connection.
Operation is simple just twist the connector on or off.
Installation is not just limited to the firewall you can use this kit to be able to connect and disconnect multiple wires easily anywhere on your car.
Each Med pin rates at 25amps per pin & the large pin rates at 30amps per pin.

This kit is for a maximum of 9 wires.

(3x8ga large wires & 6x10-12ga smaller wires)


Number of Total Pins :: 9
Number Small Pins :: 6pn - 25amp
Number Large Pins :: 3pn - 30amp
Bulk Head Size :: 2" x 2"
Colour :: Silver
Part No :: BWAP0504