If you are planning on running an electric fuel pump on your project vehicle, our fuel pump relays will provide good insurance that your fuel pump is receiving full voltage from the battery.

These fuel pump relays include a 30amp or 40amp circuit breaker and a heavy duty 40amp relay, terminal ends, and all necessary wiring to ensure that your installation goes smoothly.

Our high amp fuel pump relays are sure to keep your project vehicle on the road and free from any mysterious voltage drops that long wire installations can create.

Relay :: Heavy Duty 40amp
Relay Logo :: FUEL
Volts :: 12 Volts
Circuit Breaker :: 30amp or 40amp
Fuel Pump Harness Length :: 2mtrs
Power Harness Length :: 1mtrs
Fuel Pump 2pin Connectors :: Included
Harness :: Plug In Socket
Electronics Safe :: Yes
Factory Harness Compatible :: Yes
After-market Harness Compatible :: Yes

Package Content:
1 x 40amp Relay
1 x Relay Holder
4 x Fitting Screws
1 x Blade Circuit Beaker
1 x Wire Harness
1 x 2pin Waterproof Plug Kit
1 x Fitting Instructions
Part No: BWARKFL01

You can now download a copy of the PDF Wiring diagram: CLICK HERE

Click the down arrow if you want a 30amp or 40amp circuit breaker in your relay kit.