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These LED valve caps can be used on any kinds of cars, motorcycles and bicycles. 
Just simply taking off the old valve and replace it on your car.
The LED Car Light will be lighted and flashed when your car is moving. When you stop driving, the built-in sensors will stop the lights in half minute automatically. It's safe, awesome and eyes-catching indeed!
"Clearly" using the LED Valve Cap Light when riding your bicycle at night, makes sense. 
When it is dark and your wheels start to move, they automatically light up creating a solid disk of light that appears to hover above your wheels, 
When you stop they will switch off to save battery power.

Some of the Features Include:
  • Twist Top To turn On
  • Colour Ring effect When Driving
  • Protecting Valves From Any Dust or Dirt

Super Bright L.E.D Valve Caps can be used on:
  • Show Cars
  • Hot Rods
  • Vans
  • Trucks
  • Motor Bikes
  • Bicycles

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