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Our Heavy Duty 75lbs power solenoids are designed to pop open the toughest of doors, hoods, and trucks with a push of a button.

By putting military grade high torque door pop / latch power in the hands of the consumer our solenoids are immune to the rusty or sticky latches that will burn out lower quality solenoids. 

This makes our solenoids ideal for popping open shaved doors, and stubborn latches. 
Can be activated by remote for remote door pop, or shave door operation. 
Solenoid :: 75lbs
Door Pop :: Yes (Standard Latches)
Shave Door :: Yes (Standard Latches)
Door Poppers :: Not Included
Button :: 1
Height :: .5”
Width :: 1”
Solenoid -
Height :: 2”
Length :: 5.25”
Width :: 2”
Travel .75”
Harness :: Included
Mounting Bracket :: Adjustable
Cable :: Included
Length 17”
Adapter :: Included
Length :: 3”
Wide :: 2.75”
Height :: 2.5”
Mounting Bracket Size: 
Base:: W-75mm x L-70mm
Top:: Hight-60mm x W-50mm
Heavy Duty Door Popper Springs HERE
Download PDF Wire Diagrams on Tech-Support Page

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