Our slim fit door actuator popper assembly bolts to your door in minutes.

No need to figure out where the motor needs to go! No adjustments now or later.

No loud noises when you pop your door or delays!

Button 1 pops the driver’s door and button, 2 pops the passenger door, 3 pops the driver’s rear door and button 4 pops the passenger rear door,while the 5th, 6th, 7th & 8th button combination produces a constant negative output that can be used to operate power trunks, windows, sunroofs, remote starts and more.


To activate channels all other channels simply push a combination of the 4 buttons.

With 8 channels controlling your doors and two other power accessories, you'll be in complete control from the palm of your hand.

Most shaved door handle kits on the market are sold with receivers designed for a remote trunk release, not shaved door handles.
This means you'll have to push the button twice or hold it down for more than three seconds.
Our actuators are specifically designed for prompt activation, ensuring that your doors will open without delay.

Long Range Remotes:
Each shaved door handle kit also includes a pair of long-range remotes and computerized receiver with a range of over 300 feet.

Independent Buttons:
Push button 1, to open your driver’s door, and button 2 to open your passenger’s door.
Push a combination of the other buttons to produces a constant negative output.
You can use this output to operate an accessory such as your trunk, windows, or remote start.

4 x Dual Actuators
4 x Rods
4 x Bottom Mounting Brackets
4 x Top Mounting Brackets
1 x 8 Channel Keyless Entry System
2 x Remote Controls
5 x 30/40 Amp Relays