Our Holden HQ & Torana LX to LH steering column push button ultra RFI engine start kits, allows you to easily convert your old caveman keyed ignition into today's hands free engine start system found on luxury vehicles.
This is a press fit button that is fitted inside your steering column old key hole then passing the wire down the column to the under dash module.
Fits in to the below steering columns:
Holden HQ Kingswood
Holden HQ Monaro
Holden LX Torana
Holden LX Torana - SS A9X
Holden LH Torana
Holden LJ Torana - GTR XU-1
Holden LH Torana - SL/R 5000
Holden Sunbird

The PKE system uses RFID technology, providing the highest security available.

This System comes with 2 Black & Chrome proximity remotes & a Black data push button barrel.


 Push 1   On - Accessory system (Blue LED)

Push 2   On - Ignition system, foot is on the brake the system will start your car till it runs.(Blue LED)

Push 3   Off - Engine Ignition & Accessory systems (No LED)


Comes with all mounting hardware and a full wiring kit that places all wiring under the dash.

This kit will convert your current key crank style manual key system to a up to date BMW & Lexus style push button key system.

Change your old Key system to the latest car starting system on the market.


1. Sensor set anti-theft function.
After timeout, the smart key in the effective range, get off, shut the door, 4 meters away from the vehicle, the system automatically shut down in 2 seconds , there is a beep sound from the speaker soon, the turning light flashes once, the system enters into the anti-theft alert state.
2. Stop the anti-theft function
In the anti-theft state, approach the vehicle 1-2 meters, the turning light flashes three times, anti-theft system will automatically unlock, and stop the anti-theft function.
3. Remote searching vehicles
In any state, press the remote control once, the siren will sound for 15 seconds, the turning light will flash for 15 seconds, (it will sound in mute state ), which will stop by pressing the remote control; (Alarm siren sold separately)
4. Remote control to start
In the anti-theft state, in the distance of 30-100 meters from the vehicle, long press the three buttons on remote control for 3 seconds, the car will automatically start, the turning signal lights will flash and sound twice after starting) pre-cooling or preheating in advance. If there is no one to enter the car in 15min after starting, the car will automatically shut down. Press the power-on button on remote control when starting, no need to start after entering the car, you can drive the car directly. long press the 3 buttons on remote control for 3 seconds to turn off.
5. Alarm when illegally opening the door
In the anti-theft state, if the anti-theft function is released by not using the remote control, such as using the original mechanical key or illegally opening the door, the speaker will sound and the turning light will flash
6. The second alert
After pressing the unlock button on the remote control on, if the owner did not open the door to enter, the anti-theft system will automatically lock again and enter into the anti-theft state in 20 seconds.
7. Warning when parking in the roadside
After parking the car and open the door, the turning light will flash  immediately for 15 seconds, to remind the coming car in the behind to avoid accidents.
8. Lock while driving , unlock while turning off
Step the brake in 15 seconds after starting, the central lock will automatically lock. For some vehicles, when the speed is up to 20km / h, the vehicle will automatically lock. The door is automatically unlocked when the vehicle is turned off.
9. Memory anti-theft
If the car power is damaged, after reconnecting to the power, the system is still in the state before the power was disengaged.
10. Central Door Lock/Unlock operation
By the press or the remote button you can manually lock & unlock any 2 door or 4 door central locking systems.

Operation Voltage:DC12V±3V 
PKE emission current: 40mA
Shock Sensor Current:≤ 1 mA 
Coding: leaning code 
Frequency: 433.92MHZ 125KHZ
Operation Voltage: DC12V土3V
ACC Current: 30A
ON Current:  30A
Start Current: 30A
Operation Voltage: DC3V 
Operation current:≤8mA 
Static Current: 8uA 
coding: leaning code
battery: CR2032
frequency: 433.92MHZ 125KHZ
ATT :: This kit is not a genuine GM compatible part & must be fitted by a professional auto electrician.

Bypass Factory Transponder Key Immobilizers
Most current Australian Cars have factory chipped transponder key immobilizer, it will need to be bypassed with a TRANSPONDER BYPASS MODULE (Part No: BWMS158TB)

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