Our New LS1 standalone ultra series engine harness is designed for the mechanical throttle body engine using an 98 to 03 LS1 ECU & for Manual Gearbox.

This Mafless LS1 engine harness is only used for Off Road, Race Track or Burnout pad ect. 

Great for any Hot Rod or Custom Street Car with everything you need to turn the key.

Included with this harness is an 8 circuit modular fuse block and labels for easy installation.

Perfect for those that plan to mount these components under the seat or in the centre console.

This standard length harness allows four feet from the back of the intake manifold to where the fuse block & ECM mount.

OBD connection plug with steel mounting bracket & engine warning light installed.

Harness Length: 4 Feet Between Engine and ECM

Fuse Type: Blade

Ignition : 40amp
Fuel: 40amp
Starter : 4amp
Fan Low: 40amp
Fan High : 40amp
A/C : 40amp (NA)

This kit includes:
Alternator Connector
Cam Position Sensor
Crank Position Sensor
Data Link Connector
Driver/Pass Front O2 Sensors
Engine Coolant Temperature
Gear Indicator Switch
Idle Air Control
Ignition Coils
Ignition Switch Signal
Injector EV1 Connectors
Intake Air Temperature Sensor
Knock Sensors
MAP Sensor
Mass Airflow Sensor
ECM Connector
Throttle Position Sensor
Vehicle Speed Sensor Connector
Rubber Firewall Grommet (universal)
Starter Connector (universal)
Oil Connector (universal)
Tachometer Connector (universal)
Fan Low Relay (universal)
Fan High Relay (universal)
Fuel Pump Relay (universal)
Ignition Relay (universal)
Starter Relay (universal)
Engine Warning Light (universal)
Steel PMC Mounting bracket (universal)
BWA Ultra Fuse Box

Fuse Block Protects Circuits:
RH Injectors & Coils
Ignition Relay
Fuel Pump Relay
O2 Sensors, Mass Airflow Sensor, & Brake Switch
LH Injectors & Coils
ECM & Malfunction Indicator Light

 Part:: BWAWHLS1M02

BWA engine harnesses are professionally constructed from Brand New GM Delphi Connectors and TXL (Polyethylene Cross Linked) High Temperature Wire to GM Specifications.

All harnesses are 100% Quality Inspected prior to shipping. Note that harnesses are for non-emissions equipped vehicles and do not include air pump or EGR provisions.

Available in this kit is a sliding grommet seal and 4 - 5 feet of length from the rear of the cylinder head to the PCM mounting position under the vehicle dashboard.

All LS1 engine control units require PCM security VATs removal, available through BWA Australia. Please contact us for more information.

 ATT:: This harnesses does not include any emissions related connections.