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This universal Chassis LED Lighting remote controlled system has 180 individual LED lights, 7 Colors, 23 Distinct Flash Patterns LED under body kit.

Flashes to your Music in all colours


Step 1: Mounting the under car LED strip lights. Due to the limited length of the wiring harness, please make sure to measure the distance from the places where you want to install the LED strip lights to the place where you want to install the control module before you actually mount them on. Also, try to install the LED Strip Lights under the chassis where the LED Strip Lights won't be visible.

Step 2: After you have figured out where to install the LED Strip Lights, use zip ties to mount the LED strips according under the chassis. Make sure to tie the LED Strip straight and tight.


Step 3: After you have all four LED Strip Lights properly mounted, do the same for the wiring of each LED strips and connect them to the control module which should be mounted inside the engine bay.

Step 4: Plug all four wiring plugs to the control module and connect the positive (red) and negative (black) harness to the stock battery's positive (red) and negative (black)

Step 5: Enjoy the new LED under car lights 


Not only your Car can have these awesome lights

House, Lounge or Bedroom Lights "as below"
Shed or Man Shed Lights
Driveway Lights
Outdoor Garden Lights
Shop Front & Display Glass Cabinets


2 x  36ich Strips (90cm) 54-LED
2 X  24ich Strips (60cm) 36-LED
1 x  Control module
1 x 3-way Remote Control (60ft range)

7-Color LED under body kit  


(Strips: 2 x 36" & 2 x 24")

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