Our universal retro 4 vent hidden heater kit can warm up the coldest vehicle with ease. Ideal for hot rods, street rods, and customs.

Heating is provided from the hot engine coolant just like an OEM setup, but in a much more compact size making it easy to fit under your dash or seat.

Beware of lower quality plastic cases that are prone to cracking and damage.

Colour: Grey
Optional Voltage: 12V 
Power supply: 12V / 8A 
Material: Copper, Iron
Size: 230mm x 210mm x 100mm
Fitting required - 5/8'' (16mm) inner diameter water hose
1.The red line is connected with a power supply's positive pole and motor's positive pole.
2.The blue one is connected with the motor's negative pole.
3.The black line is connected with a power supply's negative pole.
Package Included:
1 x Heater
4 x Black Tubes
2 x Tee
2 x Mounting Brackets
1 x 2 Speed Billet Switch
2 x Straight Fittings
7 x 16-25cm Hose Clamps
Part No:: BWAHTR02


Download PDF Wire & Fitting Diagram: CLICK HERE