Our Universal Daytime Running Light system (DRL) not only look great, they are a invaluable safety feature which will be compulsory on all new cars manufactured from 2011. 
These quality DRLs contain 5 high intensity LEDs which can be seen from hundreds of meters away. 
They are making them legal to use in all states and territories of Australia & New Zealand.

Major Technology Parameters:
1).Rated Working voltage: DC 12V
2).Rated Working current: 0.88A and 0.44A;
3).Rated Power consumption:10.56W;
4).Maximum surface temperature:≤50°C(Extraventricular temperature:20°C)

LED bulb technology parameters: 

  • Bulb Color temperature range: 6,000K-7,000K;
  • Power: 1W(each LED bulb)
  • Rated working current:≤300 Ma;
  • Current stablilty≤±2 mA;
  • Brightness is between 400 to 800 LM
  • Dimension: 7" (L) x 1.25" (H) x 1.75"(D).

Our LED Daytime Running Lights are very helpful in many different driving conditions.

Especially effective in preventing daytime head-on and front-corner collisions by increasing vehicle conspicuity and making it easier to detect approaching vehicles from farther away.


  • Low power consumption;Newest digital brightness control
  • Auto power on system, turning on with ignition;
  • Waterproof eternal usage;
  • Universal design can fit for any cars;
  • Adopted advanced constant-current controlling techniques;
  • No pollution, no noises, no electronic interferer;
  • Road legal in European Union;Auto power on system, turning on with ignition.