The LX Torana was brought about twelve years ago. The only thing that Doug had not changed is the paint. It had a 253 fitted which has now been replaced by a 308 with a mild cam, extractors and a 2 1/2 inch single exhaust system. Radiator is a HZ V8 unit fitted with twin 12 inch thermo fans.

Transmission is a Holden 4 speed. Wheels are 16x7 VL walkinshaws fitted with 225/50R16 tyres. Front brakes are HQ disc (re-drilled to Commodore pattern), and rear is a VN commodore disc brake diff. It has been lowered 11/2 inches using Pedders springs and Sports ryder shocks.

Interior is fitted with Nissan Pulsar bucket seats, standard rear seat, all of the interior (including the headlining) has been re-trimmed in grey velour. 

It is also fitted with a Momo steering wheel and shifter knob, SLR dash, additional gauges in the console,central locking, and now power windows.
The Bluewire power windows were easy to fit. As you can see I fitted the two switches to the center console, and deleted the switch on the left door. The switches fit perfectly into the original cut-outs in the console. 

To do this I deleted the red wire, and shortened the wiring loom on the left side, and just connected the two green wires to the winder motor. I then extended the red and blue wires to the right winder motor. 

Connected the power and earth wires and they worked perfectly. I also removed the window regulators, and cleaned and regressed them. 

I would recommend the Power Windows to anyone.......

See the Power Window Kits online: TORANA 2D POWER WINDOW KITS 

Doug Bain



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