Meguiar's MotorEx 2022

Bluewire Automotive were very excited to be back at Meguiars MotorEx in the Melbourne Showgrounds after a long 3 year wait due to covid.

It was an incredible show of automobiles and innovations.. And the people, a massive turnout, with great food trucks and car displays of every stage and range.. if your building or even just updating you car features, this was the place to be..









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Our Racepro wire harnesses are now in full stream getting fitted to many street & competition cars around Australia, New Zealand & United States. Below are some combinations on what you can do with them using your own universal engine management systems.

Pick your own custom wiring setup: RACEPRO WIRING SYSTEMS











(Below) This combination is set up with the Racepro Track & our standalone LS1 engine wire harnesses 


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As promised, the Bluewire Automotive team returned to Meguiars MotorEx in Sydney for 2017. MotorEx attracts Australia's best custom and modified cars, which travel from all over the country to create an amazing display of style and individuality. No matter where you were looking over the weekend, there was something cool to see, show cars, club displays and Australia's best automotive companies showcasing the industries newest and most exciting products.





Covering over 28,000 square metres, the Meguiars MotorEx involved more than 400 vehicles with a collective value of over $40 million dollars drawing in big crowds from the get go. The Bluewire Automotive trade stand was located directly next to the front doors in the main dome, and we were busy from the second the doors opened on Saturday morning.







Plenty of new customers came to chat with us about their current projects and aspirations, and we heard about some very cool cars in the process. It was great to see some familiar faces of return customers and to hear progress updates on their builds.





Thank you to all who stopped by to browse and have a chat over the two days, and we hope to hear from all of you again at future shows!



Story By Kelly Schubert

Images By Sean Basford


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With more cars, more attractions & more stars Meguiar’s MotorEx Sydney 2015 was always going to be something special and it didn’t disappoint.
Within minutes of the doors swinging open to the main halls on Saturday morning there was a constant stream of new customers & existing customers to our trade stand in the main dome.
Some of the stats are absolutely astounding; 450-plus cars, 26,742 spectators, over 100 traders, 50,000 square meters of show area, 75 awards and $103,000 in prize money.

Thanks to all that came in and said hello over the two days, Sydney we will be back at MotorEx 2017

More Images will be up soon on our Facebook Page:


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High praise indeed, however nobody could argue that MotorEx Melbourne was brimming with interesting machinery, with each pavilion having a unique, yet equally-good vibe all the weekend.

As always, Saturday morning’s FreeStyle Rides Inauguration was a huge crowd puller, with impressive crowds filling all available floor space.


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The Adelaide Auto Expo is many shows in one.
It's the Extreme Auto Expo, Adelaide Hot Rod Show, Dream Car Garage, Trader Alley, New Car Showcase, a Dyno Comp, Bikini Comp, Show n Shine, Aussie Muscle Car Cruise, Zippel USA car cruise & of course the best custom cars, bikes & hot rods around.
We will be at the Adelaide Auto Expo in 2014.
Show Dates & Times:
Friday 28th November 2014
5pm to 9.30pm

Saturday 29th November 2014
9am to 9.30pm
Click Here for: ENTRY FORMS
 More info Go To:

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Thank you for all your support & to all that came in to our store at Summernats 26 to say hello. We left this year Summernats connecting with some old friends & making some new friends, we hope to see you again next year.



Blowers, Burnouts & Boobs from the guys in Perth, Western Australia.




Our Hot Rodder fans know what they want & are serious about it. Wire loom going in a new Willys Hot Rod project.



Simon Telford from Street Machine Magazine tells us about a awesome Torana in the SUPREME AWARDS


 Tony from the Summernats Judging team grabbing a new Full Wiring Kit & a 4 door Power Window Kit for his new custom Valiant project. 









Congratulations to our good friend Richie Howlett for his Summernats 26 long service Award (Below)

Richie Howlett : The most humbling moment of my life, being presented the summernats long service award. My non car friends just don't understand the significance of this event and how it has changed my life. Thank you chic Henry for giving me the opportunity 22 years ago to be a part of this awesome event, and thank you to my summernats family for making this an event I want to keep coming back to you. So many great announcers in Australia, and it is me who has been here for 22 years, I am truly humble, thank you everyone.



 Congratulations to Mick Fabar with the Zerod Team for winning Summernats 26 Grand Champion (Below)

 Mick Fabar: We’d like to thank everyone who’s taken an interest in Zerod – anyone who voted for us, liked our Facebook page, came and said hi to the team at a show, or even just looked at some photos of Zerod online or in a magazine. The best reward we get from building a car like this is when the public tells us they like it, and this year we have been blessed with a lot of praise for Zerod. Our highlight at this year’s Summernats was leading the City Cruise into Canberra and getting a chance to show Zerod to the public as we cruised up to Parliament house. We could have packed up and headed home after that, because nothing could top that feeling for the Zerod team.



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The 12th Annual Meguiar’s MotorEx was our biggest MotorEx show ever in Sydney! We want to congratulate all the car builder’s,& spectator’s that made this years MotorEx such an exceptional motoring event. Was great to meet you all at our Bluewire Motorsport Stand. 


MotorEx 12 in 12 Minutes - The Official video from MotorEx on Vimeo.











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QR-SCAN is the new 'brand support' service from Bluewire Motorsport, helping people engage with products and brands and giving them the right information when & where they want it.


QR-SCAN can be used to create a very interactive brand experience, whether it's in a retail environment or worked into printed material - the sheer novelty of QR-SCAN provides the consumer with an impressive, interactive experience.



To experience SCAN-IT you will need a smartphone and a scanner app. 

You can download the appropriate scanner app from the SCAN-IT Interactive 


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