Thank you for all your support & to all that came in to our store at Summernats 26 to say hello. We left this year Summernats connecting with some old friends & making some new friends, we hope to see you again next year.



Blowers, Burnouts & Boobs from the guys in Perth, Western Australia.




Our Hot Rodder fans know what they want & are serious about it. Wire loom going in a new Willys Hot Rod project.



Simon Telford from Street Machine Magazine tells us about a awesome Torana in the SUPREME AWARDS


 Tony from the Summernats Judging team grabbing a new Full Wiring Kit & a 4 door Power Window Kit for his new custom Valiant project. 









Congratulations to our good friend Richie Howlett for his Summernats 26 long service Award (Below)

Richie Howlett : The most humbling moment of my life, being presented the summernats long service award. My non car friends just don't understand the significance of this event and how it has changed my life. Thank you chic Henry for giving me the opportunity 22 years ago to be a part of this awesome event, and thank you to my summernats family for making this an event I want to keep coming back to you. So many great announcers in Australia, and it is me who has been here for 22 years, I am truly humble, thank you everyone.



 Congratulations to Mick Fabar with the Zerod Team for winning Summernats 26 Grand Champion (Below)

 Mick Fabar: We’d like to thank everyone who’s taken an interest in Zerod – anyone who voted for us, liked our Facebook page, came and said hi to the team at a show, or even just looked at some photos of Zerod online or in a magazine. The best reward we get from building a car like this is when the public tells us they like it, and this year we have been blessed with a lot of praise for Zerod. Our highlight at this year’s Summernats was leading the City Cruise into Canberra and getting a chance to show Zerod to the public as we cruised up to Parliament house. We could have packed up and headed home after that, because nothing could top that feeling for the Zerod team.



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