Gemini 2000


In 1997 we decided it was the time for a new look for his sweet Gemini Van. Stripping all the enamel paint off wasn't an easy task. The van went back to metal then etcher primed ready for the body welding. The front guards were moulded with GTS Monaro flutes and the rear number plate was sunken in to change the overall style line of the tailgate. The keyholes were metal filled and all badges identifying the car were removed.

Paint used is Marina Blue, which is a Holden Rodeo (1999) colour in two pack. Machine grey was used for the front grille and head light surrounds. Torana headlights with built in parking lights and adding a new "Holden" badge in the front grille along with two holes in the front bumper bar which are for small 150 watt spot lights gave the front end a more modern and brighter look. The standard radio antenna has been remove and replaced with a Barina rubber Antenna fitted at the rear of the roof.

Totally re-vamped, the interior of the panelvan is where patience was required. A two tone colour scheme in light and dark grey was the choice made. The original Gemini seats were replace with 1995 Honda Civic seats. Before fitting the carpet Sean insulated the floors, side panels, roof and doors with K & H sound deaden-er heavily applied to eliminate rattles from the subwoofers.The door trims were fitted out to make room for the power windows and speaker pads.

The dash board is one of a kind using a mixture of filler, fiberglass and craft-wood. Using lots of patience and a steady hand all this was moulded to make space for gauges and a special electronic opening compartment for the Compact disc changer.

The matching Momo steering wheel and gear stick boot in contrasting colours compliment the interior nicely. The quick shifter gear stick has been slightly cut down. In the rear floor, two vented boxes were built for the audio amplifiers which are covered by a 15mm clear perspex plate. Not that this can be seen through the heavily tinted windows.



Thanks to top of the range Pioneer DEH 9050 head unit which has 45 watts x 4 high power out puts which gives more dynamic performance, richer bass and clean distortion. One amplifier runs a set of Pioneer midrange and tweeters which are silver coated bullet cones which pulls a 12db and a 150 watt maximum power with the tweeter level that pulls a 2db. Frequency response of 30 - 32,ooHZ

The second amplifier runs two Pioneer TS.W1200F Subwoofers which are also silver coated bullets. These have been placed in a large 60 litre box, which only just fits into the back of the van, not a hair to spare! This beefy sound system has earned the van a reputation among friends as stereo holder not a car. The system (as well as the van!) is fully protected both internally and externally by a comprehensive security system.


The Gemini Van has won 3rd sound Quality at the 1999 Eurotech car toys Small car Sunday 5 held in Adelaide. It was awarded 2nd place at the Van Nationals 2000 held in Port Augusta South Australia. It was also featured in Hot 4's magazine in 1998.

Special thanks to Peter Eames for the body work and Paint.

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