Our heavy duty 40amp waterproof automotive & marine starter motor relay are the best choice for any type of 12-volt for your marine wiring project.

Also used for many car electronic applications to turn On/Off almost any devices.

They are also used when a device draws heavy amperage such as car alarms, remote starts, HID headlights, pop doors, trunk releases strobe lights, fog lights, stereos, fans, air horns, and much more.

The single pole/double throw relay will never get stuck or short out on you.

A 5 pin relay has the versatility of being used as either a standard 4 pin
relay or a 5 pin for more complex control applications.
Connectible interlocking sockets for an easy installation.
Complete with:
1 x 5 pin 12volt 40amp starter relay + waterproof housing.
1 x Terminal block + waterproof housing
5 x terminal pins
1 x blanking plug.
1 x metal detachable mounting bracket.

Part No: BWAMRY-40A-ST