Our Digital Multimeter tester is a compact precision, battery operated, with a LCD display 3-1/2 digits digital instrument & lower overage power auto-power off

Digital display height: 22mm

Single 30 position rotary switch for function & range selection, allows fast and convenient operation.


Auto Power Off: It will be automatically cut off in about 15 minutes after the power is turned on. It needs to be turned off and turned on again to continue the power.


Symbol "" : is displayed when the battery voltage drops below the operating voltage

Curvilinear mode soft case with coloured indication jack with fully protection test leads.


General Specification:
Display 3-1/2" digits LCD + maximum reading 1999
Measurement rate: updates 2-3/sec.
Over range indication; "1" figure only in the display
Automotive negative polarity indication
Auto Power Off
Full Range over load protection
Operating temperature 0°C-40°C, 0-75% RH
Storage temperate -10°C-50°C, 0-75% RH
Battery power:  9V battery
Dimensions: 197mm (L) x 95mm (W) x 38mm (H)


Accessories includes test leads (pair), temperature probe, multi-function adaptor & operator manual

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