Say you've lost your key chain with the remote control for your shaved door handles, or maybe you've locked it in your car or truck.

If you've mounted a S7 fully waterproof backup button somewhere on your vehicle you wouldn't be worried at all.

S7 fully waterproof backup button guarantees that you'll never, ever be locked out of your vehicle because of lost or dead remotes.

Even in the event that your car or truck's battery dies, if you mount the S7 in an elliptical hole you'll be able apply a twelve volt battery directly to the S7's terminals to activate your solenoids.

The S7 fully waterproof backup button is the ultimate in peace-of-mind, and is great for any application when you want a rugged, reliable button in a place exposed to water, mud, sand, sleet, snow, or just about anything that would disable a normal button.

Fully Protected From The Elements
Heavy Duty Rubber Gasket
Great For All Applications
Double Screw Bezel Allows For Elliptical Mounting Location


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