BATTERY BOOT CABLE KIT-0B&S-5meter-12v~24v



Our Battery Boot Cable Kits give you all you need to relocate you car battery anywhere in the Car or Ute with a Red Key cut off switch that adds safety to your Car by switching off all power in Emergency's.

The 2 Master Red Keys provides Anti-theft and Fire protection. 
Can be fitted anywhere in the car.

Boot, Hatch, Ute Tub or Tray

Cable Size/Amps: 0B&S (255amps 49.2mm2)

2 x Red Cut Off Keys
1 x Power Cut Off Switch
1 x 1meter Black Negative cable
1 x 5meter Red Positive cable
2 x Heavy Duty Ring terminals
2 x Red Terminal Heat Shrink
1 x Negative Battery Terminal
1 x Positive Battery Terminal


Standard Battery Cable Specs:
Amps: 188a
Strand Size: 399/0.32
Insulation Thickness: 1.7mn
Copper Thickness: 11.3mm
Full Cable Thickness: 13mm


ATT:  No Battery Box Supplied


Universal Custom Installation


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