Our Billet Audio Buzzer with a red LED flash, are the high-class button & a great idea's like when you leave your headlights on, it will let you know.


Oil Low Warning Buzzer

Temp High Warning Buzzer

Headlight On Warning Buzzer

& Many More.......


This will match you Billet Button set on your dash so it wont look out of place.

A large button face and L.E.D illumination ensure that this button will stand out from the crowd.

Thread Diameter : 19mm
Face size : 22mm
Length size : 55mm
Switch rating: 5A/250VAC
Contact Configuration: Nil
Operation Type: Audio Warning Buzzer
Front Shape: Flat
Lamp Type: Ring Illuminated LED
Lamp Colour: Red
Material: Stainless Steel

These handsome and elegant buttons feature a sharp billet finish and high-quality L.E.D. illumination.

This button can be used for everything- window switches, engine start, headlights, fog lights, flame thrower kits, smoke screen kits- any application you can think of!

Includes: Audio Buzzer & LED Flashing

Colour: Red LED ring