Our black series logo symbolled led pilot lights are used for indexing turn signals, anticipating on/off signals, emergency signals and other indexing signals in electric power used in Street Cars, Show Cars, Race Cars, Hot Rods & Street Machines etc.
The led metal flat pilot light wire of it is made of AWG18 PVC with 90℃ temperature resistance.
Note: Wire’s length or material (PVC/ PTFE/Silicone)
The material the pilot light is made of copper H62 which under the work of CNC machine zinc in high precision & chromium plated appearance.
This is a 0.55inch or 14mm wired waterproof 12v stainless steel led pilot light.
Used for :: Identifying Cross Bones / Suicide Doors Opened
Series :: Black Series
Logo :: Cross bones
Written Script :: Nill
Hole Size :: 14mm
Thread Diameter :: 14mm
Wire Length :: 150mm
Face size :: 15mm
Length size :: 35.8mm
Wires ::  2
Lamp Voltage :: DC 12V
Front Shape :: Flat
Lamp Type :: Illuminated LED
Lamp Colour :: Red
Lamp Usage :: 100,000 hours
Fitting Washer :: Rubber Seal

Easy and convenient to install and use.
Easy to install with panel mounting hole in 14mm thread diameter.

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