Getting rid of your ugly factory antenna is one of the quickest and cheapest ways to improve the looks of your vehicle.

Our exclusive HAB Hidden Antenna offers all the performance and quality FM reception of an external antenna without breaking up the clean lines of your vehicle.

Works as well as a standard antenna (except for AM) but without the unsightly rod and mast.

For years we have been drilling and cutting in to our Hot Rod & Street Machines to fit a ugly steel antenna so we can listen to our favorite Radio Stations wile we drive.

Now its time to say goodbye to the ugly steel antennas, and you don't have to drill holes in to your classic collectable with gaping holes in the guards or rear quarters.

This antenna system plugs like normal into the back of your audio stereo with a accessories 12volt to power the antenna amplifier then runs though the carpet to the rear pastel shelf or somewhere near the rear window where you earth to chassis.


Can be fitted:
Rear Window Mount
Front Window Mount
Under Dash Mount
Inside Roof Lining

Plus More......


Antenna Features
Length :: 12”
Width :: 1.25
Height :: 0.75
Cable Length :: 406cm