FLRY SINGLE CORE ECU WIRE-BLACK-0.75mm²-5mtrs - BWA0770075-5M


SKU: BWA0770075-5M

Bluewire Automotive is renowned for supplying a large range of automotive cable for Australian automotive car builders.

FLRY are primary wires that conform to automotive manufacturer and ISO 6722 specifications.

We extrudes a range of cable that suits all automotive, recreational, transport & heavy haulage markets.

All our Wire Cables are Oxygen free plain copper conductor to 99.98% for a longer life.


Wire:: FLRY-B
Cores :: 1
Cable Dia :: 0.75mm²
Length (metres) :: 5mtrs
Colour :: Black
Outer Dia:: 1.80 mm Min./max.
Temperature Conditions:: -40 to 85°C
Premium quality with 99.9% copper content
Rated voltage:: U ~ = 50 V, U- = 60 V
PVC external sheath
Free of silicone, cadmium and lead

Part No :: BWA0770075-5M


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