Our fuel sender interface module Ohm range converter for any Fuel gauges to match specific Ohm range.

All Fuel Gauges are designed to work with a specific ohm range. Different fuel gauge manufacturers use different ohm ranges to correctly operate their gauges. This can cause problems for a person who is updating their vehicle with new gauges or a new gas tank and fuel sender. This module will allow you to use your stock sender with any fuel gauge and vice versa.

Match any resistive sender and gauge with any ohm's range between 0 to 5000 ohms IE - 10-180, 0-30, 0-90, 240-33, 73-10 & more.

Easy and convenient to install and use. 
1. Acts as Interface Between Fuel Senders & Gauges
2. Reads any fuel sender
3. Works with any fuel gauge
4. Accurately Corrects OHM Mismatch & Erratic Movement from Fuel Slosh
5. Custom Calibration for empty, half level and full
6. Mini Size 20(w) x 16(H) x35(L) mm

Wire Colours:
Black: Earth -
Red: Ignition +
Brown: Output to Gauge
Yellow: Input from Fuel Sender
Number of Wires:  4
Wire Length: 15cm
Lamp Voltage: DC 12V
Module Size: 35mm x 50mm x 15mm
Mount module in a clean dry cool position.
Connect wires as guide photo above.
Using store mode, program and store Full, Half, Empty and “Power on” positions.
Using power on mode, program how you want the gauge to operate when car is started.

5/Operated in run mode and check.

When adjusting the screw, move gauge from Full to Empty to avoid hysteresis error. Some gauges are very slow to move. Please allow time to stabilize.
The tank sender must have the same Ground as the interface, otherwise erratic readings will result.

The Full, Half, and Empty position can be programmed.
The “in-between” positions between F,1/2, and E are calculated by the microprocessor and are linear.
The “power on” gauge start position is selected from either the sender position or the programed position.
The output is a npn pulse width modulated signal which may cause “buzzing” in undamped gauges.
Part No: BWAFSM01


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