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Our 15 way Fuse Block series offers an ultra small fuse block that can be mounted in any position including under the dash or seat! 

If your factory Wire Harness is still in good working order and just want to clean up your old fuse box & new blade fuse box set up this is the kit you need & at half the price as a full wire harness.

This 15-way fuse box in sturdy construction can be used in automotive electronic field, motorsport applications, electrical devices, trailers, cars, boats, etc.

Comes with 21 wires (6 input wires and 15 output wires).

Ideal for hot rods, race cars, and custom car installations.

Wire Length: 180mm

Fuse Box Size: 180mm x 45mm x 55mm

15-way fuse box with 21 wires (6 input wires + 15 output wires).
Fits for middle size blade fuse (ATC, ATO).
Fits for 12V and 24V equipment's (Max voltage: 32V).
Fitment: middle size blade plug-in fuse (ATC, ATO)
Colour: Black
Way: 15 way
Material: Plastic & Metal
Current: 1A-40A
Max voltage: 32V
Wire quantity: 21 (6 input wires + 15 output wires)


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