This is our low beam & hi beam headlight plug upgrade kit.
Or to upgrade to twin headlights using low & hi beam on all four headlights.
Can be used on many universal & OEM automotive headlights that have the H4 adaptor on the back of the headlight.
These is the plugs we use on all our Bluewire Automotive wire harnesses.
Headlight Connectors:
2 x H4 Plugs + Pigtail wire
OEM No/Model: H4 socket
H4 Bulbs only
Heat Resistant Plastic Shield
Number of Wires + 3 
+ Grey Wire-Head Light-5" Long-16 Gauge Wire
+ Green Wire-Hi-Beam-5" Long-16 Gauge Wire
- Black Wire-Negative/Earth-5" Long-16 Gauge Wire

For Base P43T, PX43T, P45T