This is our Hot Rod Roadtrain Cowl 12 circuit basic series wire harness for when you just need to run all your standard running gear.

Our Leepoo Cowl Spec 12 circuit Hot Rod Wire Harness system features an easy to install design and allow for expandability for future growth & our wiring systems use only the highest quality wire and parts resulting in the ultimate Hot Rod wiring kit.

To make installation a snap, all our kits included detailed instructions, color-coded and labeled wire, and plug n play connectors.
Our basic series wire harness included extra long leads making them the idea choice for longer custom Hot Rods & Rot Rods 

The harness offers an steel dash cowl fitting fuse block that can be mounted on the left side position using the long mounting bolts.
We offer a under carpet flat 4mm wire loom for when you don't have a channel to feed through
This pre-wired fuse block will wire your car from headlight's to taillight's.
The 12 circuits are Radio, Headlights, Horn, Wiper, Gauges, Hazard Lights, AC/Heater, Stop/Brake Lights, Radio & Turn Signal.
Plug-in steering column connector for late GM columns & "I Did It" steering columns.
Original columns can also be wired by using the supplied mating connector and terminals.

It also Includes Horn Relay & Connector, Turn & Hazard Flasher Relays, Dimmer Switch Connector, 40amp Headlight Circuit Breaker, Alternator Plug, Ignition Switch Connectors Plus more.

Each wire is labeled every 5" the entire length of the wire for easy installation.

Wire is GLX 125 high temp polyetylene jacleted wire that is grease, oil, acid & petrol resistant 

1 x 12-Curcuit Wire Harness
1 x Dash/Cowl Mounting Fuse Box
1 x 30amp Headlight Circuit Breaker
2 x H4 Headlight Plugs
1 x Alternator Plug
1 x Steering Column Plugs
1 x Fire Wall Rubber Grommet
1 x High Beam Floor Dipper Switch
1 x USP Phone Charger Plug
1 x Fuse Box Light
1 x Cig Charger Plug
1 x Horn Relay
1 x Extra Black neg/earth wire
2 x Neutral Safety Switch wires
1 x Fusible Linked Alternator Charging Cable
1 x Fusible Linked Battery Supply Cable
1 x Set Ring terminals & Crimp Connectors
2 x Fuse Box Mounting Bolts
1 x Set Cable Ties
Fuse Box Size/Dimensions:
Length::  mm  x  Wide::   mm  x  High::
Rubber Grommet Size:
Hole Cut Ring Size:: 30mm
Inner Ring Hole Size:: 25mm
Outer Ring Size:: 38mm
Part No:: BWA12HRCL

Twin Headlight Plugs:

Download PDF Wiring Diagram: Tech-Support


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