Our 24 Volt Pull Up Resistor kit is for LED Tail light & Brake light upgrades from filament lamps to LED's ["Hi-Po LED Brake light Upgrades"]. 

This pull up resistor stops the warning light on your dash as the warning light is designed to show when a brake light is broken.

With out the resistor your car will think that your brake lights, tail lights & Indicator lights were broken all of the time!

If you have refitted new LED tail lights you will need 4 resistor Kits for:

  • Brake Light
  • Park Light
  • Indicator Light
  • Reverse Light
1 pieces of 6 Ohm 50W Load Resistor
It will fix blinker flash error, hyper or error flashing of LED Turn signal, Parking/Running or License plate Light
It works as warning canceller, decoder, capacitor

Detail Spec & Features:
The resistor connect across the turn signal or license plate light circuit to simulate the current load of a regular filament bulb (~2 Amp load)

To solve the problems such as hyper/error flashing, no flashing or burnt out bulb indications/error message of aftermarket installed LED lighting's.

One load resistor is required for each turn signal bulb / circuit equipped with LED lighting


ATT: The LED pull up load resistor will get very hot and work in high temperature; Do Not mount on plastic or material with low heat resistance

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