Our high powered Magneto Switches are used for high powered race distributors that needs a ceramic coated heavy duty for heat protection
Our switches are a heavy-duty single-throw switch that will stand up to the abuse of the high powered racing or burnouts.
They are rated at 30 amps, so they can handle the power of the MSD Pro Mag, Speed Master, Procomp & Vertex.
The housing is designed to survive high impacts, and features a moulded elastomer seal between the toggle lever and bushing.
Used in Race cars & Burnout Cars.
Cover  Colour :: Black
Label Sticker Script :: Mag
Used for: High Power Magneto Distributor Switching
Style :: Fighter / Racer Switch
Pole 1 Actuation Style: On/Off
Pole 2 Actuation Style: On/Off
Illumination Colour :: None
Illumination :: None
Material :: Metal / Ceramic
Mounting Hole :: Round
Amp :: 30 Amps
Frame :: Round
Volts :: 12 Volts DC
Template Hole :: .58 (14.7mm)
Height :: .1.04" (26mm)
Base Width :: .1.11" (28mm)
Base Depth :: .1.04" (26mm)
Terminals :: 6


Easy and convenient to install and use.