BLACK NEGATIVE BATTERY CABLE - 0B&S / 5m / 12v~24v - BWA00393


SKU: BWA00393

Our Black Heavy Duty Race Battery Cable makes a clean fit in your Street Car or Hot Rod with 246amps rating for 12v & 24v operations.
Some universal Ignition systems eg: ICE IGNITION & MSD IGNITION must have Battery strait to the ECU/Engine Block to keep to manufacture warranty standards.
Poor earth / ground is a common cause of ignition problems. Ensure battery negative cable runs direct from battery negative terminal to the engine block as one continuous cable, whether the battery is mounted in the front or rear of the vehicle. This is the only way to guarantee proper earth / ground to the engine.

Earth wires from ICE ignition controls and boosters should also run direct to engine block via the shortest path possible, thereby ensuring a direct link to earth / ground.

1 x 5meter Black Neg Battery Lead with Battery Fitting
1 x 10mm Neg Ring terminal

1 x Black Heat shrink

Standard Battery Cable Specs:
Amps: 246amp
Strand Size: 608/0.32
Insulation Thickness: 1.7mn
Copper Thickness: 12.7mm
Full Cable Thickness: 14.4mm
Part No:: BWA00393
Universal Custom Installation

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