This is our 6pin OEM Deutsch waterproof connector plug with use to many universal ECU & fuel injection connections.

Our OEM Deutsch connectors are suitable for many different applications including automotive & marine, harsh environment and heavy equipment applications where reliable, waterproof connections need to be made quickly & easily.

Also are excellent for marine use due to superior corrosion protection.

Specifications :
Integral connector latch
Rugged thermoplastic housing
Operating Temperature:: -55C to +125C
Seals:: Silicone
Accepts AWG 14 wire (1.0mm+2)
Crimp contacts with option of gold or nickel, solid or stamped
Current rating:: 13amps all contacts
Hand insurable / removable contacts
1500V, 20G @ 10 to 2000 Hz

Kit Includes:
1 x 6-way receptacle + wedgelock
1 x 6-way plug + wedgelock
6 x Male F Contacts
6x Female F Contacts
Part No :: BWAP0206


AT06-2S DT06-6S/AT06-6S/DT06-2S/DT06-3S/DT04-3P/DT04-4P/DT04-6P
Att:: This plug image is exactly what you will receive so please check your OEM plug to make sure it is correct. Others may look the same but may have different crimp terminals.