Our silver series pilot light panels are used for anticipating signals, emergency signal and other indexing signals in electric power, telecommunications, machine tool, Custom Hot Rods & Street Machines  etc.
Why drill holes in your dash and install some cheap generic warning lamps, our exclusive indicator lamp panels allow you to install warning lamps and your shift indicator.
This Pilot light Panel is up to 5 x 12mm pilot lights counter sunk in a brushed alloy panel ready for installation.
Logo: Hazard (Red Light)
Logo: Seat belt Warning (Red Light)
Logo: Car Alarm Key (Red Flashing Light)
Logo: Door Warning (Red Light)
Logo: Boot Warning (Red Light)
Number of Wires:  10
Wire Length on each Light: 15cm
Lamp Voltage: DC 12V
Lamp Colours: Red
Single Light Thread Diameter: 12mm
Single Hole Size: 12mm
Plate Size: L 100mm x W 24mm
Thickness: 4mm

Easy and convenient to install and use. 
Easy to install with panel mounting hole in 12mm thread diameter.


Designed and manufactured in Australia.