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Powerbrace is our new steel battery mount for your Optima battery with a inbuilt isolation switch mounted to the side or you can detach to fit in your custom spot.
Powerbrace battery mounts was made for the Optima battery series only.
Yellow Top D34 - Red Top 34 - Blue Top 34M
Our Battery Mounts give you all you need to relocate you car battery anywhere in the Car or Ute with a Red Key cut off switch that adds safety to your Car by switching off all power in Emergency's.
Can be fitted anywhere in the car Boot, Hatch, Ute Tub or Tray
Box Size: L:265mm x W:180mm x H:180mm
Mounting Size : 265mm x 180mm
Steel Gauge : 3mil
1 x Heavy Duty Battery Mount (Black)
1 x Isolation Key Bracket
4 x Small Hex Head Bolts
3 x Large Hex Head Retaining Bolts
2 x Red Cut Off Keys
1 x Power Cut Off Switch
1 x 1meter-Black Negative + terminals
1 x 5meter-Red Positive + terminals
2 x Heavy Duty Ring terminals
2 x Red Terminal Heat Shrink
1 x Negative Battery Terminal
1 x Positive Battery Terminal
1 x Power Key Tag/Keyring
Battery Cable Specs:
1C x 609/0.32
Cable: 1 B & S
AWG/B&S Gauge: 0
Area (mm²):: 49.2
Strand Number/Size: 700/0.3
Voltage: 12v ~ 24v
ATT: Battery Not Included
Available Parts:
Part No:: BWAB003

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