5 METER RED POSITIVE BATTERY CABLE - 0B&S / 50mm / 12v~24v - BWA00390


SKU: BWA00390

Our Red Heavy Duty Race Battery Cable makes a clean fit in your Street Car or Hot Rod with 246amps rating for 12v & 24v operations when fitting Battery in your Boot/Hatch or Ute tray.
1 x 5meter Red Positive Battery Lead with Battery Fitting
1 x 10mm Positive Ring terminal

1 x Red Heat shrink

Standard Battery Cable Specs:
Amps: 246amp
Strand Size: 608/0.32
Insulation Thickness: 1.7mn
Copper Thickness: 12.7mm
Full Cable Thickness: 14.4mm
Part No:: BWA00390
Universal Custom Installation

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