RED POSITIVE BATTERY CABLE-8B&S 1C 112/0.30 RD 30M/12v~24v-BWABC1112030RD30


SKU: BWABC1112030RD30

Bluewire Automotive is renowned for supplying a large range of automotive battery cable for Australian automotive car builders.

We extrude a range of cable that suits all automotive, recreational, transport & heavy haulage markets.

All our Wire Cables are Oxygen free plain copper conductor to 99.98% for a longer life.

Number Of Cores :: 1
Cable Dia (mm) :: 7.90mm2
Length (metres) :: 30mtrs
Colour :: Red
Amp Rating :: 180amps
Conductor No./Dia (mm) :: 112/0.30
Insulation Thickness (mm) ::
Nom. O.D (mm) :: 
Electrical Resistance @20c (ohm/Km) :: 
Wire :: Colour Coded
Electronics Safe :: Yes
Factory Harness Compatible :: Yes
After-market Harness Compatible :: Yes
PVC V90 HT (V105)
Part No:: BWABC1112030RD30

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