Our brand new Sharp Series of automotive plug & play replacement led lights are our new rage of diecast aluminium heat resistant led light for your tail light signal and indicator signals.

Our low power consumption led lights come in three colours White, Amber & Red although can be fitted in a colour plastic lens to give back the colour the lens had when new.

This led model BWASP-BA15S-W is a single white led globe for just park light only.

No resistor's needed to be installed with the led globes but a electronic flasher relay will be needed for your turn indicator signals & warning hazard signals. 

Water Proof & Dust Proof

Heat resistant base
Extremely long lasting life
Ultra bright / Triple the amount of brightness


Light Base:: BA15S
Material :: Diecast Aluminium
Needle :: 1.2nnpn
Power Consumption :: Low
No Pins:: 1
Colour:: White
Light used for:: Park Light operation
Voltage: 9V - 30V DC
Power: 40W
Lumens: 480LM
Beam Angle: 360
Dimmable: NO
Part No: BWASP-BA15S-W
Fitting Installation Gide:  
Remove your cars plastic light lens then push & twist to remove original bulb. 
Make sure the inside pin terminals are clean with no weather residue.
Choose appropriate BA15S or BAY15D base led globe.
Make sure you use gloves or cloth to hold the led globes in position (Make sure the led is clean & no grease or oil on the alloy cover)
Install led light just as ordinary light bulb by push & twist to lock in. 
Replace your cars plastic lens (Make sure you give the inside lens a good clean before fitment for better light results)
Sharp Led Globe Part Numbers:
Park & Brake Signal (Red)
Part No :: BWASP-BAY15D-R
Park Signal (Red)
Part No :: BWASP-BA15S-R
Park Signal (White)
Part No :: BWASP-BA15S-W
Revere Signal (White)
Part No :: BWASP-BA15S-W
Indicator Signal (Amber)
Part No :: BWASP-BA15S-A
 Sold as :: Single or as a Pair

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