Our silver series mid size of 22mm billet buttons with illuminating led ring switches with the plug & play wire harnesses are the classy way to go when your wiring up your power windows in your Hot Rod, Street Car or Race Car.
These silver series billet buttons have etched engraved logos or scripts in the center of the button to identify what you are switching On or Off.
Each switch offers a solid positive tactile feedback and even LED illumination. 
Ideal for thermo fans, fuel pumps, water pumps, power windows, power door locks, power trunks, sunroofs, linear actuators, air bags, or anything you can think of that needs a switch.

These handsome & elegant billet switches feature a sharp billet finish and high-quality L.E.D. illumination.

Illumination led can be wired so that it is active when the or turned on with your key ignition, as the button is momentary pushed this sends out a low voltage negative trigger to your hi-amp relays (relays not included).

Most BWA billet buttons have led's with twin colour fitted in to each switch, all twin colours are: Blue/Green - Red/Yellow - White/Orange - Red/Green - Orange/Blue or Red/Blue, they are polarity sensitive led's so you can change the colour by swapping the positive & negative wires on the led pins, (no harm will be done to the led)

Our billet buttons are dust proof & water splash resistant so can be used in off road 4x4 use & marine use eg: Boats & Jet Skis

Series :: Silver Series
Engraved Logo :: Heat
Engraved Written Script :: Nill
Thread Diameter :: 22mm
Face size :: 25mm
Length size :: 35.8mm
Switch rating :: 5A/250VAC
Contact Configuration :: 1NO 1NC
Operation Type :: Latching
Front Shape :: Flat
Lamp Type :: Ring Illuminated LED
Lamp Colour :: Blue-Green
Fitting Washer :: Rubber Seal
Material :: Stainless Steel
Part No :: BWASW-SS-22-L-HT-BL-GN

Download PDF Installation Gide: TECH SUPPORT

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