This is our Universal replacement slave door motor.

Used in Actuator Motor replacements for all Universal central locking kits or if you need to supply as a Remote Keyless entry to cars that don't have a drivers door eg:  (Only in some models)

      Full complement of hardware:
      1 x 2 Wire Square Clutch Type Motor
      1 x Metal bracket
      1 x Superior 3 point fixing clamp
      3 x Slot/Cross head screws,
      1 x Control Rod
      2 x Speed Screws

      Main Features:
      Anti-block design
      Ultrasonic welding, waterproof and dust proof
      High torque motor
      Strong output
      Nylon housing
      With long life time up to 100,000 times
      Compatible with car alarm systems

      Technical Parameter:
      Operating Voltage: DC 12V ±10%
      Output Current: 4A ±5%
      Pull/Push Force: 4.5 Kg
      Working Life: > 100,000 times

      Size: 69mm x 50mm x 25mm
      Pull length: 15mm

      Operating voltage : +9VDC to +15VDC