Our billet silver series engine start kit with the RFI remote system adds the luxury of a keyless remote and push button start system to your Street Car or custom Hot Rod.
The remote system uses RFID technology, providing the highest security available.
" Push 1 "   To turn on Accessory system 
" Push 2 "   To turn on Ignition system, and if your foot is on the brake the system will start your car till it runs.
" Push 3 "   Turns off all Engine Ignition & Accessory systems 
The Passive Keyless system comes with all mounting hardware and a full wiring kit that places all wiring under the dash. 
2 x RFI Remotes: Easy to carry on any keyring & also stored in any wallet or bag.
1 x 25mm Billet Push Button: Blue, Red LED button status indicator

This system has a safety operation by only working with while your foot brake is on, that way little hands can't start the car without depressing the foot brake.
Illumination is wired so that it is active when button is pushed & while the ignition is on.
Pack Features:
1 x 25mm Billet Sliver Series Engine Start Button
1 x Engine Start Module
2 x RFI Remotes
2 x Wire Loom & RFI Antenna 
Button Features:
Series:: SS (Silver Series)
Engraved Written Script :: Engine Start/Stop
Thread Diameter :: 25mm
Face size :: 28mm
Length size :: 40mm
Switch rating :: 5A/250VAC
Contact Configuration :: 1NO 1NC
Operation Type :: Momentary
Front Shape :: Flat
Lamp Type :: Ring Illuminated LED
LED Colours :: Blue/Red/White/Orange/Green
Fitting Washer :: Rubber Seal
Material :: Anodised Aluminium

These handsome and elegant buttons feature a sharp billet finish and high-quality L.E.D. illumination.

ATT: our engine start systems must be fitted by a professional auto electrician.


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