The ultra slim gun-shape design allows the standard type actuator to fit into the most restricted of spaces while still delivering a consistent 8 pounds of push and pull.

The high-impact resin case is sonically sealed and riveted for a smooth, quiet operation and an extended life.

Used in Actuator Motor replacements for all universal central locking kits or if you need to supply as a Remote Keyless entry to cars that don't have a drivers door eg: Nissan, Hyundai, Mazda, Subaru (Only in some models)

  • Electro-Mechanical activation
  • Operation of a slave actuator


Full complement of hardware:
1 x 2 wire Black Motor
1 x Metal bracket
1 x Superior 2 point fixing clamp
2 x Slot/Cross head screws, 
1 x Control Rod
1 x Speed Screws

Voltage :: 12v
Amp absorption :: 4.5amp
Temp range :: 0-120 degrees
Pull/Push Force :: 4kg
High Impact Resin Case

Wide :: 2.75”
Length :: 5.5”
Height :: 1”

Mounting Bar
Wide :: .5”
Length :: 12.0”
Height :: 1/8”

Download PDF Wire Diagrams on Tech-Support Page