THERMAL HEAT SHIELD-SILVER-10mmID x 1.2mtrsL x .4mm THICK-550°C-BWA010402


SKU: BWA010402

Keep your wires organized, protected, and looking great with our thermal heat shields.

The silver sleeve acts as a thermal barrier capable of reflecting up to 90% of radiant heat away from wiring, lines and cables.

Super light weight but offering superior heat protection.

Fibreglass base fabric withstands 550⁰C continuous radiant heat + Metalised foil resists 200⁰C of direct heat, before it begins to break down.

Polyester Aluminised film is bonded with fibreglass cloth.

Sizes available in this range are 8mm, 10mm, 12mm, 15mm, 18mm, 25mm, 30mm & 50mm ID.

Length :: 1200mm
Colour :: Silver
Tube Size :: 10mm
Material :: Polyester Aluminised
Split :: No
Thickness:: 0.4mm.
Part Number: BWA010402

Widely use for machinery, electrical equipment's, automatic instrument, electric motor, cable protection, etc.

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